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2000-05-10 |

US environmentalists warn of GE trees

Last April, Monsanto Company (expected to merge with Pharmacia Upjohn), hooked up with International Paper, Westvaco Corporation (both based in New York) and the New Zealand - based Fletcher Challenge Forests to form a forestry biotechnology joint venture. The four companies will contribute 60 million dollars over five years to produce and market tree seedlings that they say will improve forest health and productivity. [...] Besides increasing the growth rates of tree, they plan to also focus on making these trees tolerant to certain herbicides, much like Monsanto’s »Round-up Ready« soy beans which are genetically designed to survive sprayings of an herbicide it manufactures.

2000-04-30 |

Canadian Province stops GE apple tree project

The provincial government won’t be participating in any more genetic research into how to keep sliced apples from turning brown. Organic fruit producers said in a news release Monday the government has decided to scrap the project at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre here. [...] »Corky has always understood that B.C. agriculture can best survive by being unique,« three organic growers groups said the release. »In a time of one agricultural crisis after another and with farmers leaving the land in droves, organic farming is an expanding and viable way to make a living.« Organic growers were worried genetically-engineered trees would cross-pollinate with natural ones, ruining their organic status.

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